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Artificial Lashes
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Hey Lash Babes!

                                    Welcome to Lashes EG.                                                 Where you can confidently book all your lash needs and wants!

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My name is Estephanie Gordian

I am a Licensed esthetician with 4.5 years of experience lashing. I enjoy giving my clients their confidence back and seeing them glow. I believe everyone should get to experience lashes. Its the moment where you, not only look amazing but feel beautiful too. And that's important!

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Eyelash Extensions

Woman having an eyelash extension



Classic extensions are the most soft and natural. Perfect for those babes who enjoy a bare face but who still want just a little bit of pop.



Hybrid extensions are the in-betweenies. Not as natural as the classic and not as dark or dense as the volume. Best of both worlds.



Volume extensions are the dark and dramatic pop. These are for my babes who know what they want and enjoy the dark look.

Pink Sugar Texture


2415 N Las Vegas Blvd #107 North Las Vegas,NV 89030


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